Enjoy live music, presentations, raffles and cornhole tournaments in our Festival Village after your rides!

Seba & That Guy

  • Saturday 11-4 pm
  • Sunday 11-4 pm
Seba & That Guy


Our presenters are cyclists that will be sharing useful information that you’ll enjoy during the event.

Tracy Draper - Author of Live It
Tracy Draper – Author of Live It

Personal trainer Tracy Draper is known for organizing cycling events and inspiring others to live healthy lifestyles. But there is more to her than coaxing others to get into shape.  From a family of writers, she has long honed her written storytelling skills. In college, a professor lauded her paper on life and death as one of the best student works he had seen.

As a young mother, she wrote short stories for her children and journaled for years to help cope with the strains of a previous marriage.  More recently, she found a way to express herself through her Training With Tracy cycling blog. Ultimately, she was able to catalog her cross-country cycling effort with an impassioned voice that has resonated with everyone from young mothers to veterans to seasoned athletes.

Becky Afonso – Florida Bicycle Association Executive Director

Becky is a native Floridian from the Tampa Bay area and has favored bicycle commuting since her grade school days in Clearwater. Her interest in road and off-road riding evolved in the late 1990s, becoming a member of the Suwannee Bicycle Association, SWAMP and a charter member of the Suncoast Cycling Club. She served on each club’s board and within all three took on additional duties as social director, newsletter editor, List-Serve Moderator, volunteer coordinator, and event director.

Attorney Jim Dodson

There’s nothing I enjoy more than getting out on my bike cruising the barrier islands and enjoying our beautiful Florida scenery. But there’s another side to biking in Florida that I also know all too well: the impatient drivers who think that the road belongs exclusively to cars; the distracted drivers who are so engrossed in a cell phone conversation that they fail to notice cyclists on the road; the drivers who speed and disregard stop signs and traffic lights, and who use bike lanes as if they were for the benefit of cars; the hecklers that pass within inches, all the while yelling that bikes belong on sidewalks—and a few other choice words; the drivers that cut a bicycle off without a second thought.