Event Parking

Parking for the Flagler Fondo (highlighted in yellow) will be located on the back side of Central Park, along Lake Ave, the Palm Coast City Hall parking lot and along City Place from just past the City Centre building to the end of the road.

Access to the Flagler Fondo and Masquerade 5k parking areas will be to go east on Central Ave from Bulldog Dr, turn right on Park St, then turn right on Lake Ave (see yellow arrows on map).

DO NOT drive up City Place since a running event will be releasing their runners from the park and crossing City Place. We cannot interrupt their runners.

There is NO Parking (highlighted in red) on Park St since that is the launch road for our Flagler Fondo and Masquerade 5k events.

There are several other events that will be using the parking areas along the southern parts of Central Park and on Central Avenue.

In exchange for using the same venue on Saturday due to the hurricane date rescheduling, we have agreed to not impact the parking for their events.

We appreciate your assistance and appreciation in respecting their events and the parking of their participants.