Route Marking System

We’ll keep you on your course with the CAAM Route Marking System!

The Flagler Fondo uses a combination of on-ground Route Arrows and above-ground signs with Route Arrows to give you enough advance notice for upcoming turns and on-ground Route Arrows after the turn to confirm that you are on the correct course.

Using the combination of on-ground Route Arrows and above-ground signs, this double-marking approach is our back-up system in the event that any of the signs are removed or the arrows are worn, faded or are pulled up.

Each turn typically has three markings (three sets of arrows and two signs) at approximately 500 feet, 250 feet and 20 feet before each corner (subject to terrain availability).  If you miss the turn, you’re not paying attention!

Route Descriptions Saturday Routes Sunday Routes Arrow Colors
Century 100 miles 100 miles Yellow
Metric Century Plus 74 miles 77 miles Orange
Half-Metric Century Plus 43 miles 42 miles Pink
Half-Metric Century   28 miles Green

Route Marking Examples